"Amazing customer service agents!"
"Valuable addition to my website"
"A real game changer"

Your AI Expert
For Real-Time Customer Support

Like ChatGPT but powered by your website and GPT-4. Your personalised chatbot will instantly answer questions using your sites content and capture user support tickets

- Build in minutes from 1 URL

- Supports 95+ languages

- 14 day free trial

- Cancel any time

Just 3 Simple Steps Away From 24/7 Support

Load Your Website

Simply input your URL for ChatIQ to scan, upload relevant files, or insert raw text content

Install On Website

Embed onto any site you want an infinite number of times. Add a simple widget to any website in seconds.


Customise branding, logo, colours, widget bubble icon, add custom instructions & prompt questions.

Watch The ChatIQ Demo

Want to know how ChatIQ works? Watch this 10 min video walking you through the entire app, how to get setup, the features and problems ChatQ aims to solve within your business.

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Imagine The Impact of a Chatbot Expertly Responding To Queries 24/7

Replicate your customer support skills in a simple chatbot! Your ChatIQ bot smartly scans your entire website to source its replies, mirroring your brand's unique voice in its responses.

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FAST Caching For All AI Responses

ChatIQ caches every response it gives through semantic caching, you can update / change the cached response and tailor it to your liking. Meaning, if someone asks a similar question, if the response is cached, reply times will be < 2 seconds.

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Gather Important Customer Support Tickets Within Chat

Sometimes you need to give your customers a more hands on support, and at ChatIQ we understand this. Which is why, you now have the ability to gather user support tickets directly WITHIN the chat.

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Swiftly Guide Users To Vital Links In Chat

ChatIQ helps users find links on your site fast, recommending support links or escalate to human support via a calendar link.

Understand Your Users Concerns

As a Saas founder or business owner it's vital you understand the problems your customers are facing 24/7. ChatIQ will capture support tickets, and using your company data, prioritize their support tickets.

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Manage Support Tickets Within ChatIQ

There's nothing worse than receiving a support ticket and having to jump between your CRM and gmail. With ChatIQ, you can gather customer support tickets, all in one place. Our AI uses your business data to prioritise these tickets AND draft custom responses for support tickets. Send emails with just 1 click.

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Get Notified Instantly

You can set custom support ticket notifications based on priority levels within your ChatIQ account. Every ticket is crossed referenced with your company data & given a prioirty. You can set custom thresholds to receive an email notification based on the ticket priority level.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"Probably the only tool any founder needs to gather feedback from their users"

CTO - Streamline Analytics

"This is by far the best, most accurate and customisable builder out there"

SVP - NexTech Solutions

"I love how simple it is to setup custom conversation openers, also you can build just by clicking 1 button, so easy"

Founder - Clickfusion

"Probably the easiest, most customisable builder out there. So easy to store and manage files. Imagine Dropbox for ChatGPT"

Head of Digital Strategy at EcoGreen

"I would pay twice, but what's the point when you can build 15 chatbots in 1 account"

Owner - Bright Horizons Travel

"ChatIQ starts out already very accurate, but the fact you can fully customise the system prompt opens up so much customisation"

Founder - PlantBuddy

"After trying many others, we found ChatIQ to be the only builder that fully suited our needs, it integrates seamlessly into our website and has easily reduced support emails by 60%"

Founder - Fyt

"I added ChatIQ to both my website & within my app, the amount of data I have on what users want is insane! Really easy to use and just runs on its own"

Founder - BudgetWise

"Pretty cool how it reads your entire website and can recommend links, products and show images in its responses"

Cyse Apparel - Owner

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