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Understand Why Customers Aren't Buying, In Real Time 🚀

Visitors on your website have questions and aren't buying for a reason. With ChatIQ.ai you can finally understand why! Paste your websites URL into our builder and get setup in 2 minutes.
Businesses with millions of web visitors trust ChatIQ to automate their customer interatctions with AI in real time.

Build Custom AI Chatbots.

ChatIQ AI allows you to create multiple highly customisable AI chatbots using your websites content, support docs, PDF's and custom FAQ's. Never receive a support ticket again.

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Your Data. Every customer has questions that stop them buying, often websites fail to explain your products well enough. If these questions are left unanswered they may not purchase from you. A ChatIQ AI chatbot will know every detail about your websites, products and convince customers to buy.
Custom Commands. Manage your customers emotions effectively. Angry customers are lost business, happy customers can lead to more business. With custom commands your AI will understand emotions, for example sending a calendar link to an angry customer, and a trustpilot link to a happy one.
Works Anywhere. Wherever your customer is, you can place your agent there. Manage customer concerns all over your business. Embed into as many sites as you want. Simply connect to your Shopify, Wordpress, Godaddy, Squarespace, Wix, and more.

Emotional Management & Human Escalation.

Quite often you will find customers that are angry or upset about your business. These customers can damage brand reputation. Your custom ChatIQ AI agent can understand human emotions & direct them to custom links and escalate to a human.

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Build custom workflows. Start with a template IF/ELSE prompt in the public library. You can design custom decision trees for your AI agent to follow, eg:

IF ANGRY: Send the user a link to a calendly meeting with a support rep
IF HAPPY: Collect a review from the customer and send them a trustpilot link.
Create Templates. Build once, use unlimited times. You can create custom prompts and commands for your chatbots, altering how they manage interactions.

All custom prompts are saved in your private library, ready for you to use onanynew chatbot build.
Experiment. Build and test out custom prompts in the chatbot workspace. See how your AI agent will perform in the real world before you deploy.

Make 1 change to the prompt, and all chatbots will be updated in real time, making updates simple easy and fast.
Experiment before you deploy
Whether you are building chatbots for client or for yourself, with the ChatIQ chatbot workspace you can test out your build, add or remove data, switch between chatbots and view the data sources for the chatbot responses.

Understand Your Customer In Real Time.

Imagine if we could see into the brain of every visitor on our website. With a ChatIQ chatbot you can see exactly what questions your customers have, the issues with your ite or product, all in real time as the conversations are happening.

We Prioritise You.

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Personal Expert Support

If you are ever stuck or can't get the results you're looking for with ChatIQ our app is full of highly detailed training videos designed to help you with every step.

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AI Support & Video Training

Not only does the ChatIQ interface have the ability to build you a custom chatbot, but it can also answer any question you have on our app. Want to know what prompting is? Get an answer instantly. You can even ask questions mid chatbot build!

Lifetime Earnings With ChatIQ

We've just launched our affiliate plan! Sign up to become an affiliate today, share your link to your socials, followers, email lists etc. Receive 30% recurring commissions on all subscribers lifetime!

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We Mean Business.

Brand Your Chatbots

Elevate your brand with a personalized chatbot. Customize greetings, design a captivating call to action, and select chatbot colors. Custom logos coming soon!

Versatile Bot Training

Effortlessly train your chatbot with text, multiple PDFs and by scraping websites. Expand its knowledge base and adapt its behaviour to deliver personalised, accurate responses tailored to your business.

Something For Everyone

Do you need multiple chatbots for your business? Maybe you own an AIA agency and build bots for clients. With ChatIQ you can build multiple chatbots, embed on websites and add branded colours.

Prompts that work

With ChatIQ we put training and information first, allowing you to learn prompting from our extensive public prompt library, ready to be used in any chatbot build. Use one prompt across multiple chatbots or create a custom prompt for each chatbot.

ChatIQ Interface

The ChatIQ interface is a new and revolutionary way to interact with our software. Simply ask the chatbot: "I'd like to build a chatbot for my business", and watch ChatIQ use its own AI to build you a custom bot in seconds. It can answer any question you have mid build.

Security First

ChatIQ stores all your chatbot's training data on highly secure AWS servers in the us-east region. Your data remains your asset; it is never sold to third parties or exploited by ChatIQ. Here, data privacy is not just a policy, it's our commitment.

Build Chatbot's For The Future

With ChatIQ we put information first, build a database of knowledge in your account, then pick and choose what you want to add to your new/existing chatbots.

Watch The ChatIQ Demo

Use ChatIQ's public prompt library to learn from other users prompting, save, share, edit and duplicate prompts into your library. A place for all your custom prompts, ready for use in any chatbot build, editable any time.

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Check - Codely X Webflow Template
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